my sister paid for the training ($100), website development (#20k) just yesterday, and i was passionate with her until l settled down and listened to the whole video and read their lessons. i got noting really revealing… just some insight into the industry. i took interest and started researching on the industry. the more i found out of the industry, the more i realised that theses guys are very tacit with information (covering it up with the clauses; “let professionals set up for you”, “contact one of our managers” and all sort of trash!), and they may just be, if they were to be spared the benefits of doubt, and i were to name them in the least vulgar terms; hungry service providers. there are a lot of questions left unanswered for something you paid a whooping $100 for!

what is in a website that i cannot set up with wordpress or other crm?

why are the standard website specifics not stated in the $100 tutorials?

what is in adsword that a serious minded person who paid $100 not learn to do himself? bypass software?

why is the bypass software never mentioned in all the length of a $100 tutorials?

why can they not give a perfect example of the kind of website they are going to build and let me decide if i want to pay fr it or build it myself, even if it will cost me more?

I hope they see this post and provide answers for all. because if them dey make money like they claim, why not make information resources available at near zero cost?

abeg, make i stop typing!!!

good morning all. i dey back sit they look at the happenings in da classroom. am here to learn pls.


Exactly what I passed through from their hands. Bunch of hungry theives looking for a ram to take to the slutter. They withel vital info even after making fat payments. The online mogul keeps referring you to your so called account manager. Account manager in turn tells you to pay a professional for so and so. You mumuishly pay only for another payment to be unlocked and it goes on and on.

The annoying part is how they mention those amounts as if money is plucked from your backyard. The gullible ones keep going until they are saped off completely and left with nothing. Then you realise how foolish you’ve been all the while all just to earn a so called “first $45”.

I repeat DE is a big SCAM! Anyone going astray by them is a big FOOL!

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