I signed up for account and got approved some days ago. I got an email to call some numbers to get trained on the account. I want to know if it’s not scam, I was asked to pay the sum total of 19,200 Naira for the training. Pictures of the emails and Sporry account are here below

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its a scam pls be warn as sporry don’t ask u to pay anything … these guys are just fraudsters


me too
I’ve been approved by sporry network and have two offers equally approved
even though I don’t use paid traffic but my Facebook account has yielded 10 leads
people signed up for an offer I was promoting as further described by the offer’s company
still my account is $0. my scale showed sales but no money
I tried contacting d Mr David HR but he insisted I paid for training so I could understand how it works

I feel depressed and I really don’t know how to start about it
can somebody help out
I promise to appreciate

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