I write with so much pain after being scammed by http:// Nigeria. I have to tell those that want to go into this never to try it because it is pure scam.
I read a post about them and was told that Sandra is the best. All lies. Then I decided to try even though someone had written earlier about them being a scam, I thought the person just wanted to spoil their biz. I called Sandra and she reassured me that it wasn’t a scam
The first thing is usually registration which will be confirmed after 2/3weeks to make it look legit. After which you will call n be told that 19200k is to be paid for that training. After this you pay for website, landing page, google ads and so on. The painful part is that you will pay all this with nothing for them to offer. Their conscience is dead. I later found out that they were using it to their advantage.
They even advertise on guardian newspaper inspite of it being a scam

Once all this money is paid, Sandra’s number will never be available. Adaeze, Joyce all their numbers will not go. Someone said he has started making money, is all lies. Na Dem dem

Funny enough I did their 2nd program which they tagged REVENUE VAULT . I did both same time all were lies. Scam upon scam

I know that their members will counter this post but I tell you and equally beg you not to waste your hard earned money. I am in pain now cos the two programs costs about 230k approximately. But u will not know until you pay the first fees. A word is enough for the wise but if you are not convinced, a trial will convince you and your eyes go clear just like mine now.



i believe you must be one of them. You said you do digital marketing which means you are an employee of Mr David the owner of Dollar empire DE, dollar rush DR, sporry cpa, ringtrain training platform and also rennaissance network in gtb.. your so called company has everything planned out. From the point of approval
which is free, to the point of paying 24500 for revenue vault training which is a park of rubbish.
Domain dish is also your website company. This is d only website that request for money every month and the applicant gets series of failed attempts to withdraw from d person’s bank account. if you doubt it i can attach my evidence.

I weep for anyone that will fall into your trap.

REVENUE VAULT is a new scam by so called Mr David
and his employees cos SPORRY CPA is facing out, and they will soon change name again.

And others. Pls shine your eyes and be wise. All these people and also their IT are all scammers

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