hello all, i came across a site online, that one can earn through pay per call..i signed up as an affliate and they said the training fee is 24950..please i want to know how legit it is…need opinions


The screenshot below contains what you’ll still have to pay for if you’re totally new to digital marketing.

This is after the opening you up to the course you’re paying 24,950 for. The course is basically a front. A bait of sort. All those emails were strategic in only showing the iceberg tip.

If you have other better ways to get into PPC, better to go it.

I feel scammed. I walked into this eyes wide opened. I am frustrated. ₦24.95k. Money I had to borrow. Chai!!

However if you have the money for these all in the screenshot, please by all means. If you have all these tools in place, you don’t need them, you’re an inch away from becoming a PPC affiliate.


No mind am… His post was just full of senseless bragging… He made $4million dollars… Who he epp? Senseless bunch of crazy people thinking nobody can have access to what they know… He should watch out on how his secret will be cracked and exposed ryt here sooner.



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