It has been brought to attention that the actual owner of this number lost their phone sometime ago and whoever it was that found it was d one to access the above account and post this. Pls b aware that the true owner of this line did a welcome back on the sim and has claimed no knowledge of any ongoing or dealings that has been done with the line during the period the phone was lost.

At least that’s what I was told when I chatted her up on WhatsApp about domains and tracking source. The person I had previously been speaking with on that line asked me to pay 25k so they would set up my domain and secure a tracking source for me. Imagine my surprise when I spoke to her again and she claimed no knowledge of any prior conversation, saying the phone got lost and she just did a welcome back on the sim.

Be careful.


That guy is a criminal. He also asked for 25k from me despite having told him my predicaments in the hands of DE. He doesn’t even have payment proof from sporry but wanted showing me his bank sms details. I guess that explains the lost sim. what is 25k for someone that earns $1,000 weekly? I sha greeted him goodluck in his scamming endeavors. Ones beaten, twice shy. I refuse to be a fool a second time.


It been a while my fellow, for those that called me on phone but I have not reply them on my WhatsApp am so sorry for that, out of little knowledge I know about CPA NETWORK have shared it with some people,. To that request for money to teach you is a Scam apart from DE NIGERIA. Do not pay for anybody online to set up a website for you oooooo

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